Authentic Best Leadership™ (ABL) Conference


A one day conference focused on developing authentic, effective and intentional leaders. Explore how cultural values influence behaviors and perceptions and how these impact leadership presence.  Gain tools of how to thrive in your career by leveraging your core values to get the results that you want.   

In addition, have the unique opportunity to network and share experiences with other like minded professionals and community leaders. Together, we will discover ways we can leverage our diversity to create better outcomes in organizations and in community. 


Open to anyone looking to understand how culture impacts leadership and increasing leadership effectiveness.  EDI's programs  have an emphasis on the cultures of the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) and Hispanic/Latino communities. 


9:00 AM Welcome & Authentic Best Leadership™ Introduction

10:15 AM Workshop #1

11:45 AM Lunch & Integration Activity

12:30 PM Workshop #2

2:00 PM Leadership Panel

2:45 PM Closing Remarks

Seattle’S Conference Details:

Date: Saturday, November 9th

Time: 9 AM - 3 PM

Location: CityUniversity of Seattle

Address: 521 Wall St.,Seattle, WA 98121

Seattle’S Workshops:

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Empowering Your Authentic Self by Carmen Marttila

As the workplace becomes more diverse, embracing your cultural differences will transform your perceived challenges into opportunities and strengths. Cultural differences bring positive results to a company’s bottom line. Embracing your cultural attributes can help you reach different communities your employer might not have been able to engage otherwise, making you a great asset to the company. Learn how to empower your authentic self.

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Living Your Best Self - Unlock Your Inner Leader (Ikigai) by Jennifer Nielsen

As a leader, you want to make an impact for your organization and leave a legacy for the people who follow you. However, are you unclear about what that impact and legacy should look like? Are you yearning for something deeper or more meaningful? Were you told at an early age that your passion wasn’t a viable vocation or sustainable career? In this workshop, you will start your journey towards discovering meaning and purpose in what you do and how you live so you can find fulfillment in order to show up as your authentic best. Using the Japanese framework called Ikigai, you will learn the process to finding your inner leader that evokes you to be more alive, harmonious, intentional, focused, and action-forward thinking. Come prepared to brainstorm and explore what Ikigai is and how to find it in yourself.  

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Change is the Only Constant: Managing Job & Life Transitions by Ellen Kinney

Change is positive - and constant. Thinking of making a change or simply re-affirm your current path? The average employee has a tenure of 4.6 years with their employer which may translate to 8 job changes over a 40-year career. How does one manage job changes and career changes - proactively and re-actively - over this time horizon? A career will also be punctuated by significant life events. How does one manage change while also balancing one's personal interests? This session will help you view change as a welcome opportunity to re-shape thinking, grow professionally and balance personally. 

This session will discuss ways to proactively seek out change while also giving guiding principles to ground one's core values. The speaker, Ellen Kinney, a General Manager in Consumer Payments at Amazon, will share her experiences from her 25+ year career having worked through numerous career changes, international assignments and economic cycles. She is married and has two preteen daughters, is an EDI alum, and a current EDI Board Member.


  • Chee Chew, Chief Product Officer at Twilio

  • Steve Sneed, Managing Artistic Director of Cultural Programs at Seattle Center

  • Dr. Joel Domingo, Associate Professor & Academic Program Director, Ed.D in Leadership Program at City University of Seattle

How Do I Sign Up?

The cost is $100/person which includes breakfast, lunch, materials and two workshops.

Are you an EDI alum? Contact us at for a $25 off discount code!



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Colleen Yamaguchi introduces Authentic Best Leadership™ to conference attendees.

Facilitators Julian Schrenzel, Teresa Park, Venus Rekow, & Shian Chuan lead the workshops for the day

Jennifer Nielsen moderates the executive panel made up of Tonita Webb - EVP/COO of Seattle Credit Union, Meiling Elsner - Sr. VP - Washington State Area Manager or HSBC, & Anita Loomba - Program Director of Female Founders Alliance