"EDI played a key role in my understanding of how different it would be to further my career in the U.S. as a Hispanic. I didn’t know how important it was to present myself in the right way, to people, at the right time.”

– Jose Gomez, Hispanic Discovery Class of 2014,
Building Operations Manager, Daimler Trucks North America


"I am very grateful to EDI for helping me strengthen my leadership & communication skills while embracing my cultural differences.”

– Carmen Marttila, Hispanic Discovery Class of 2013,
Vice President, Sr. Lead Relationship Manager, Key@Work, KeyBank




"The EDI experience has empowered me to trust my instincts and listen to my inner voice, to be more apt to speak up and speak out, and to have the confidence to take risks and learn from my failures.”

– Alisa Yannello, Asian Discovery Class of 2011,
Interim Human Resources Director/Deputy,
Bonneville Power Administration


“EDI has reinforced what my grandmother would always say to me, 'Never forget where you come from or who you are and always know where you want to go in life.' Because of EDI, I’ve reconnected with my Hispanic heritage and am more confident in who I am and what I know.”

– James Parico, Hispanic Discovery Class of 2011,
Senior Relationship Manager, Opus Bank


“I am thankful for EDI, not just for the education and knowledge but also for the empowerment and friendships. Because of EDI, I am more confident in myself, my culture and am grateful for the success EDI has helped me attain.”

– Roy Slack, Hispanic Discovery Class of 2010,
KeyCenter Manager, KeyBank



“I appreciate and understand my cultural background and all of the good values. Instead of having to justify why I am not direct and assertive, I am able to be comfortable in my own leadership style. I am looking forward to challenges ahead of me in my new management position.”

– Gloria Chang, Asian Discovery Class of 2008,
Procurement Manager, The Boeing Company


“No other training ever acknowledged that my cultural upbringing heavily influenced my leadership style. EDI changed the way I lead, providing me the necessary tools to leverage the diversity of my organization.”

– Chad Oishi, Discovery Class of 2000,
Portland Paint Operations, Site Leader, The Boeing Company