Alumni on the Move - October 2016

Todd Kubo  Navigation, Class of 2016

Todd Kubo

Navigation, Class of 2016

Todd Kubo has recently transitioned into the role of Project Lead at Spacelabs Healthcare. 

EDI is responsible for my move into the management structure within my organization. We are looking to develop new leaders. The combination of my previous career experience running creative teams and the Leadership Navigation Program have served me well. Within our organization, a new shift has forced us to look for new ways to be more responsive to our internal and external customers. It was the natural evolution of my abilities and experience within the Operations Engineering group that identified me for this opportunity.

My personal advice to the next crop of leaders to come is that with any position there are always stumbling blocks along the way. The best thing to do is not to lose focus, and also remember to reflect on yourself. Trust that you have the right information (hopefully), the right tools to make decisions, and the confidence to make the tough calls. At the end of the day, breathe, leave what you can within the workplace, and enjoy life!