2016 Program Kick-Offs

This month, EDI is kicking-off its 2016 Programs!

At Portland Kick-Off, the class named themselves, the "Myth Busters" after the fact that we live in a world full of stereotypes and 'myths' about groups of people. The Portland Myth Busters are on a mission to shine a light on what it means to be who they are as people, but also as leaders in their community and workplace.


During Navigation Kick-Off, the class learned about behavioral styles and perception. The Navigators learned that feedback is important in leading a team because there's always room for improvement. 



This week, Puget Sound is kicking-off their programs, but a few weeks ago, they had a chance to meet each other at Jumpstart and come up with team names. It was a grueling naming process for one of the Asian Discovery classes, the AI WallBreakers. They struggled and disagreed over just breaking the 'bamboo ceiling', but also wanting to learn how to utilize their Asian influence in an effective way. The other Asian Discovery Class, Levitate, wanted to learn how to rise up to the next level and named themselves after the idea of rising to the top. The Hispanic Discovery class, Los Gran Ocho, the 'Great Eight' celebrated a participant's birthday with tortas and had fun coming up with their ground rules.

EDI is excited for our 2016 classes and we hope you follow us on our journey this year!