Alumni on the Move - March 2016

Gabe Cobo   Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2015

Gabe Cobo

Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2015

I’ve worked for Boeing since 2008. After completing a three year rotation program, I sketched out a 5 year plan with the goal of leading a team within that time frame.

Part of that plan included working the commercial side of Aerospace, primarily based out of Everett. This was a huge risk to pick up my young family and move out of state.

In 2013, my family relocated to Seattle from Southern California - internally transferring within Boeing.

The timing and opportunity combined to create an ideal situation for the next three years. During this time, I involved myself with local organizations and took on leadership positions that moved me from my comfort zone.

These experiences helped to refine my next steps and ultimately led me to EDI. I am a firm believer in hard work - my advice to those looking to make moves is to keep pushing because all you need is that one opportunity.

As of March, I am a Financial Operations Manager for The Boeing Company.