Journey of Three - Katherine Martinez


Self reflection is something I did not do very often until I started the EDI program, especially when it came to my personality and how my behaviors affect others in the workplace. Linda Callecod’s introduction to Behavior Styles really spoke to me about why behavior identifies are important to every professional. Perceptions influence behavior and if I am striving to be a genuine leader then adapting my behavioral styles at work is critical to my success.

My AHA moment was how other perceived me. During training, we had the opportunity to assess each other. I was pleasantly surprised to hear how people identified me based on limited interactions and physical mannerisms. I often feel like in a professional environment, individuals aren't able to see who I really am. It was refreshing to hear that others perceive me the same way as I want them to.

Identifying myself as a stabilizer-controller, I realize that my behaviors of being considerate, "wanting to please" and "wanting to be liked by others" can lead me to be overwhelmed when dealing with confrontation or "having to displease others."  I want to adapt my behavioral styles at work so I am not being viewed as shy or indecisive. 

These past few weeks, I have been self reflecting with the fact that I can be too timid and not direct with certain peers whom are very strong controllers. I have been working and practicing on finding a balance; when I need to display controller type behaviors to be more effective in certain situations. I have definitely felt more confident in meetings as of late. I have been forcing myself to speak up and get my points across in a direct precise manner! This is big for me! I realize that I like the feeling of being more direct without having to be someone I'm not. I am surprisingly optimistic that with more practice, adapting my behaviors to certain situations will come natural to me thus shaping me into a more effective leader!