Alumni on the Move - September 2017

Mark Martinez   Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2013

Mark Martinez

Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2013

Mark Martinez recently stepped into a new role at ProAmpac as a CPA in Cost Accounting. 

Moving to ProAmpac was a big career step for me. Both in how I’m moving into management and, in a mid-size company like this, I’ll have a much greater personal impact on the business. It’s quite humbling having this kind of responsibility. So far, I’ve only had good successes. I left Boeing on good terms with my manager and teammates, the people at ProAmpac are welcoming and wonderful to work with, and my new team is very supportive as I learn the business. It’s not without its challenges though. I’m learning a new business, new systems, and processes while having to make decisions and drive the business.

There have been several people who’ve made this decision and transition easier.  Professionally, I received guidance from my mentors, senior co-workers, and my recruiter. My wife and family have kept me grounded at home. Their support is invaluable. I’d encourage anyone to thinking about taking the next step in their career to go for it. There will most certainly be challenges, but you prepare for and grow from them. I am glad to be part of the ProAmpac team, knowing that the work I do helps ensure the success and livelihood of all the other employees I work with.