Welcome, Class of 2018!

March is always a busy time at the EDI office. Each week this month, we launched one of our programs and had the opportunity to get to know the amazing class of 2018! 

Each team comes up with their own team name and establishes the team culture that they want to embody and be known for throughout the year. Without further ado, we'd like to introduce to you this year's classes. 

VUCA MASTERS - Leadership navigation

VUCA Masters and EDI Staff - Dining at Bai Pai in North Seattle

The VUCA* Masters started off their EDI experience with a 3-day Kick-off event. First, they met with Executive Mentors, Wallace Greene (President and CEO of FINAO), Mitika Gupta (Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Lyfboat.com and Founding Director of the Seattle Female Founders Alliance), and Marlene Yamashita (Director of Global Sales Contracts Boeing Commercial Airplanes at The Boeing Company) as they shared some of their most life-changing moments. 

Next, the VUCA Masters ran around in teams at the Talaris Conference Center attempting to "save the world" with our fabulous facilitator (and EDI Navigation alum), John Chen, and his company, Geoteaming. To round off the 3 days, the team had George Myers of the Effectiveness Institute WOW them with his energy and passion for effective communication through Behavior Styles. This team is dedicated, passionate, and ready to dive in!

*VUCA is a leadership acronym used to describe/reflect on the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of situations. The catchall phrase is, "Hey, it's crazy out there!"


Protos - Leadership Discovery, Portland

PROTOS does a team cheer before saying their goodbyes from the 2-day Kickoff.

Team PROTOS* started off their 2-day Kick-off event learning about what it means to be an Authentic Best Leader™. Our facilitator (and EDI alum from the inaugural class of 1994), Colleen Yamaguchi, lead them on a journey to begin self-discovery over the course of the 2 days. They dove head in to learn about perceptions, behaviors, and values. 

In true Portland fashion, we then took them to the new food pod in Beaverton, BG's Food Cartel. They were tasked with ordering a menu item that had meaning to them. We then gathered together and shared our stories of the food we chose. At the close of day 2, we had alumni panelists join us and give their wise words of wisdom to the class. We'd like to thank Jerome Torres (Applications Specialist at NW Natural), Claire Mak (Manager of Prototype Development at Daimler Trucks North America), and Gina Walker (CFO at TEC Equipment). This team is dynamic, inquisitive, and ready to learn!

*The PROTOS team established their name because in Greek it means "first" (almost like first place). 


Mi Gente - Hispanic Leadership Discovery

The Mi Gente team gathers together for a dancing energizer in Bellevue!

The Mi Gente* team kicks off as EDI's largest Hispanic Leadership Discovery class! Our facilitator, Marisa Rivera, leads the class through a 2-day workshop of, "Our Culture, Valuing Diversity & Leadership." At the end of day 1, the team was immersed into the community with their visit to El Centro de la Raza and given a tour by Executive Director, Estela Ortega. They concluded their day by opening up and sharing with each other a personal story around a cultural item that has significance to them. 

On day 2, they continued their learning with Marisa and then joined up with the AWA (Asian Leadership Discovery) team to discuss perceptions and what behaviors or values may attribute to those perceptions. We'd like to thank our alumni panel that joined the AWA & Mi Gente teams that shared their greatest insights. On the panel we had Cesar Amaral (Founder & Chief Believe Officer of MX360), Doreen Ramsuta (Senior Proposal Project Manager of Boeing Global Services at The Boeing Company), and Nigel Lo (CEO at Kin On and Retired Chief of Staff and Chief Strategist to the VP/GM of the Airborne Battle Management within Boeing Military Aircraft division in the Puget Sound area of The Boeing Company). This team is thoughtful, team-focused, and ready to lean in!

*Mi Gente means my people or loosely "my peeps." 


AWA - Asian Leadership Discovery, Puget Sound

The AWA team poses with Assunta Ng of the NW Asian Weekly before they're lead around the International District learning about the community and its' history.

The AWA* team started off their 2-day Kick-off event with high energy. We brought back our facilitator (and EDI alum) Colleen Yamaguchi to help the team with their self-discovery through her workshop on Authentic Best Leadership™. In the afternoon, AWA went into the International District and were lead on a tour of the community by Tomio Moriguchi (retired CEO of Uwajimaya and President of The North American Post) and Assunta Ng (Founder of the Seattle Chinese Post and NW Asian Weekly). To end the day, the team scattered around the International District to find some delicious food to come back and share pot-luck style. 

Day 2 they deepened their learning through Authentic Best Leadership™ and learned about perceptions, behaviors, and values with Colleen Yamaguchi.  The AWA and Mi Gente teams then came together for cultural sharing to discuss perceptions of their cultures and where those perceptions may come from through behaviors and values. They also engaged in the alumni panel (as mentioned above in the Mi Gente team section). This team is fly, engaged, and ready to jump right in!

*AWA is an acronym the class came up with for Asians With Attitude.