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Student Profile: Maria Robare, Master’s in Leadership

by Gregory Price

Maria Robare

City University of Seattle Master’s in Leadership Alumni

City University of Seattle Alumni, Maria Robare, is a graduate of the Master of Arts in Leadership program. During her graduate studies, she was working as the Human Resources Manager at Summit Federal Credit Union. Since graduating, she has changed positions to that of Director of Human Resources at The Aquinas Institute of Rochester.

About her master’s thesis, titled: Utilizing Spiritual Leadership to Increase Employee Engagement

The focus of her thesis was to demonstrate that engaging employees is all about leadership style. The most effective way to engage employees is to create a true connection between the employee and the leader. To create a connection, the leader’s vision needs to have a broad appeal. The vision cannot just focus on the good of the organization, but how the vision holds promise to all stakeholders. Leaders must work towards creating harmony and well-being by demonstrating concern and care for each employee as a person, and not just treat them as an employee. Lastly, the spiritual leader must be a role model for the vision, well-being, hope, and faith.

How has your Master of Arts degree helped you in your career?

Maria stated that the Master of Arts degree has helped her to expand in her position of Human Resources Manager by developing a better understanding of the effect leadership has on people, which has positively affected the way she coached managers to lead for both successful employee performance and more positive relationships at work. As stated, she has changed positions from Manager to Director of HR at another organization.

Why did you decide to obtain a Master of Arts in Leadership?

Maria stated that she believes leadership can have a profound impact on the lives of others; both at work and their personal lives. She has a strong desire to be a positive influence, to create a positive environment for people and to potentially be a catalyst for others to reach their full potential as people, not just as employees. She believes that the Master of Arts in Leadership (now Master of Science in Management and Leadership) program has provided her a very strong foundation to accomplish this goal.

What plans do you hold for the future?

Maria plans to maintain currency in her profession by continually growing, developing, and learning from experiential experience. Although, now that City University of Seattle has an online Doctor of Education in Leadership program, she is tempted at the idea of continuing her education.

Dr. Gregory Price is the Associate Dean for the School of Applied Leadership at City University of Seattle.