Al's Column

Al’s Column – February 2015

Above : EDI's Executive Director, Alan Sugiyama, gives an acceptance speech at the 2015 OCA dinner.

Above: EDI's Executive Director, Alan Sugiyama, gives an acceptance speech at the 2015 OCA dinner.

I guess all wonderful things must come to an end! Due to health reasons, I will be leaving my position at EDI as Executive Director, effective February 28th. However, I will remain connected to EDI as ‘the Executive Director Emeritus.’ In my new role, I will mentor our new Executive Director and current Programs & Events Manager, MARCI NAKANO. At the same time, I will also continue to represent EDI at special events in the community. I want to personally thank all the board members who hired me a little over two years ago. I knew I would like the job, but I didn't know I would absolutely love it! I totally embraced EDI’s mission and goals, but I fell in love with the board, staff, volunteers, program chairs, partners, trainers, and most of all, our PARTICIPANTS. In my two years at EDI, I’ve had the opportunity to serve 158 emerging leaders. All of them are bright, capable, and sincere people, who will become extraordinary leaders at their workplace and in the greater community. I don't need to say "good luck" to any them as they are so talented and gifted. I only ask that they use their position and talents to help others. 



I want to say a special THANK YOU to the current EDI Board of Directors for all their love and support. For the past four months, I wasn't able to work anywhere near full-time, but they were flexible and allowed me to work whenever I could, always there to assist me. Thank you, you have all become my second family. To the rest of my EDI family, as I continue my battle with cancer, which I know I will beat, I hope to update you in a future newsletter if appropriate. Finally, if anyone wants to reach me directly after March 1st, please email me at