Anchie Huang

Alumni on the Move - May 2016

Anchie Huang  Asian Discovery, Class of 2015

Anchie Huang
Asian Discovery, Class of 2015

Anchie has recently been promoted to Industrial Engineer, 787 Lean Global Production System.

Close to 5 years at The Boeing Company, the last 2 years in the 787 program, I have felt that the role I am in today has accelerating my learning and has given me a better and broader perspective of how Boeing runs the business. To sum it up, I enjoy what I do and had no motivation to leave.

A couple of my mantras that I think about are seize the moment and how to always be ahead of the ‘S’ curve. The job that I accepted was an organization that I was familiar with and had already somewhat a working relationship with them. I didn’t give much thought about applying until through an informal conversation with the manager that I started to think why not and just do it.

When I got the interview I told myself let me hear and gather as much information of what they have to say and if they offer me then I will cross that bridge and have to really really think about it. After the interview, I had an inclination that they would offer me so I started to think about key decision areas.

One area was my personal life. The job requires 80% travel which means that, although Seattle is my home base, I am on the road a lot. Without any family here, my friends are my family. With less time being home, means less time with people I’ve built relationship with.

Another area was to compare and analyze the growths of the current and future role. For me my goal is to accelerate my career. For the future role, I saw great potential where if executed well this could pay dividends for my career down the road. So, I sat down with my current manager to understand the future of my current role and sell me why I should stay.   

The latter sold me and that’s why I decided to take on this new role.



Alumni on the Move - November 2015

Anchie Huang   Asian Discovery, Class of 2015

Anchie Huang

Asian Discovery, Class of 2015

Anchie Huang, Level 2 Industrial Engineer at The Boeing Company, was recently promoted to a Level 3 Industrial Engineer. According to Anchie, an increase on skill level is based on the knowledge and skills someone acquires, along with the number of years they've been with the company. However, feeling super driven and wanting to get ahead of the curve, Anchie reached Level 3 in two years, instead of the minimum of five years it takes. Two years ago, he set forth to reach Level 2, but now he has exceeded his target by achieving this success in the past four years working for The Boeing Company. For Anchie, he realizes it's a great accomplishment, but he knows there are more challenges ahead. After recently graduating from the Asian Discovery Program, Anchie reflects on his promotion and time with EDI, "From the Personal Branding workshop, I learned you need to put yourself out there and prove your capabilities whether you’re interested in getting promoted, participating in EDI's Leadership Discovery Program, or looking for another position. If you don’t speak up or communicate, then people won’t know what your interests are."

Carlos Rascon   Navigation, Class of 2015

Carlos Rascon

Navigation, Class of 2015

Carlos Rascon was recently named the Engineering Business Operations Manager responsible for providing direct support to the Vice President of the Washington Design Center (WaDC) and Engineering Functions in Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) Engineering. In this role he provides chief of staff type support to the VP and has additional managerial responsibilities that include:

  • Overseeing WaDC Management Information Systems for compliance to organizational strategies, goals and objectives
  • Facilitating development and implementation of strategic initiatives including integration across other Design Centers
  • Managing BCA Engineering support of Enterprise Engineering Excellence initiatives

With his participation in EDI's Navigation Program and supportive peers, Carlos was able to successfully transition into his new role.  "My EDI experience was full of fun and insightful moments. I hope to be able to successfully apply all I have learned and be the best AUTHENTIC leader I can be."