Ji Li

Alumni on the Move - May 2017

Ji Li   Navigation, Class of 2016

Ji Li

Navigation, Class of 2016

I recently changed my role at Boeing Portland and became the Production System Transformation Manager. It was an exciting career opportunity I had been thinking about. But when it finally came for me to make a decision, I had some doubt in my mind. It wasn’t a job I had in the past, and it required some good organizational and navigational skills which wasn't necessarily my sweet spot. After careful consideration, I decided to get out of my comfortable zone and take the opportunity. So far, it proves to be the right decision. I am able to apply my strength in strategic thinking to help the organization, accelerate winning, and learn how to see the business at a much higher level and with a broader perspective.

I attribute part of my decision above to what I learned from my EDI Navigation Class, knowing what I want and being intentional. Because I learned so much from my EDI experience, I encouraged one of my employees to apply to EDI, and currently she is in the Portland Asian Discovery Class of 2017.

For people who like career advice, I recommend following your gut. You know what’s right for you; be intentional with your choice and don’t let other unnecessary things get in your way.