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Marci's Column - June 2015

AboveOn May 18th, over 40 people attended the Portland Meet & Greet in welcoming Marci Nakano as EDI’s new Executive Director.

I’m now into my 4th month as EDI’s Executive Director (time is flying fast!) and there is one word/topic that is at the forefront of every conversation and that is….

ALUMNI!  Did you know that with this year’s class we now have close to 900 EDI alums?  It’s truly amazing to know that there are 900 of us out there in companies and communities that all share this common thread of participating in the EDI program.  

The greatest pleasure in working for EDI is connecting with and hearing from the alums.  I want to give a shout out to all of the alumni that have been sharing with us your stories and to say please keep the stories coming.  We can feel the momentum growing with each newsletter.  In fact last month after the newsletter went out, we got an overwhelming response of alums submitting their stories to us.  We love that! 

Recently, Marci attended an alumni dinner.

Back: Sandy Hedington (EDI Board Member), Marie Chow, Joe Darza, Char Grinolds (EDI Co-Chair), Darryl Hue, and Ador Yano.

Front: Marci Nakano (EDI Executive Director), Elaine Kitamura, and Vanna Novak (EDI Board Member/Co-Founder)

As you’ll see in this month’s newsletter, we are hosting an “Alumni Open House” at our EDI office in Bellevue.  There’s no agenda or program, just a means to open our doors to all of you and to see & hear from you.  We’ll have food, prizes and you can be the first to sign our “EDI wall”.  If you don’t know what that is – you’ll just have to come and find out.

In the past month, I’ve had the opportunity to have coffee, lunch, dinners with alums and I’m so incredibly excited about all the things I’ve been hearing.   Want to meet up to share ideas, provide feedback, or just catch up?  Please email me and let’s get together! 

Marci's Column - May 2015

Above : Over 100 people attended Marci's Meet & Greet in Seattle last month.

Above: Over 100 people attended Marci's Meet & Greet in Seattle last month.

CELEBRATE!!  That’s the word that comes to mind when thinking about all that has happened in the last few months. 

We CELEBRATE the successes of all our alumni who are out there influencing and making a positive impact in their companies and in the community. The “Alumni on the Move” section of our newsletters showcase promotions, career successes, awards and also highlight how alumni stay connected and engage in the community. We have lots of photos to share this month and we hope to highlight much more throughout the year. Thank you to our alums who have shared photos and stories with us.  Please keep them coming, we love to hear from you!

We had the opportunity to CELEBRATE leadership & diversity at the Portland General Electric Diversity Summit on April 7th. Thanks to Navigation alum, Lorena Juarez, for inviting EDI to participate. There were close to a 1000 attendees and it was great to connect with leaders in the Portland community and reunite with some of our Portland alumni. Special thanks to 2010 alum, Natasha Siores, for helping staff our EDI booth.

On May 3rd we CELEBRATED Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month with the annual event led by the Asian Pacific Director’s Coalition at Seattle Center. Special thanks to EDI Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Vivian Huang, and Class of 2013 alum, May de los Reyes for staffing the EDI booth. The spotlight was on Class of 2014 alums Joe Darza and Winny Chao who MC’d the event and Kyle Theptee who MC’d the Hum Bow eating competition. Michael Liam and May de los Reyes were the judges. It was great to see alums in the crowd and was a fun way to kick-off API Heritage month.

May 5th was The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG day. In the office this week we CELEBRATED our GiveBIG success with cupcakes! Thanks to your support we were able to raise over $4,700 which is the most we’ve raised since we started participating in this event.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who attended the meet & greet event on April 20th at Four Seas.   We had about 100 attendees and it was great to see so many Executive Directors, community leaders, EDI Board members, alumni and future participants coming together to CELEBRATE EDI. I’m looking forward to the Portland meet & greet on May 18th!