John Tang

Marci's Column - October 2015

This past Friday I attended the NW Asian Weekly’s Visionary Award dinner which celebrated the achievements of the many “dreamers” that are out there. Those who are not afraid to dream big, turn their ideas into a vision and then make it a reality. We are so proud of EDI Alum, Lorraine Yu, for being honored with one of the Visionary awards this year!!

This got me thinking about how EDI began and that it took so many “dreamers” to push forward the notion that a program like EDI was needed.  Thank you to our co-founders, Ted and Vanna, and the many others who believed in EDI and helped to make sure that it kept going strong!!  Because of your tenacity, courage and inspiration, we continue to grow and are now over 800 alumni strong.

Our 2015 program year is coming to an end and it has been an incredible journey for all of our 71 graduates.  It has been a rewarding experience to learn from them, watch them in action and see them grow over the past eight months.  We’ll celebrate all of their accomplishments at our Graduation Celebrations in November.  Please join us and help to cheer them on.

As we get ready for our 2016 programs, I’d like to thank everyone who supported our annual fundraising event, Inclusion Fusion, in September.  As our only fundraiser of the year, this is an important event as the proceeds raised help to cover at least 30% of the costs it takes to run our programs.  Your support enables us to continue to offer our programs in 2016 and beyond. 

I look forward to seeing everyone at graduation!