Mark Martinez

Alumni on the Move - September 2017

Mark Martinez   Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2013

Mark Martinez

Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2013

Mark Martinez recently stepped into a new role at ProAmpac as a CPA in Cost Accounting. 

Moving to ProAmpac was a big career step for me. Both in how I’m moving into management and, in a mid-size company like this, I’ll have a much greater personal impact on the business. It’s quite humbling having this kind of responsibility. So far, I’ve only had good successes. I left Boeing on good terms with my manager and teammates, the people at ProAmpac are welcoming and wonderful to work with, and my new team is very supportive as I learn the business. It’s not without its challenges though. I’m learning a new business, new systems, and processes while having to make decisions and drive the business.

There have been several people who’ve made this decision and transition easier.  Professionally, I received guidance from my mentors, senior co-workers, and my recruiter. My wife and family have kept me grounded at home. Their support is invaluable. I’d encourage anyone to thinking about taking the next step in their career to go for it. There will most certainly be challenges, but you prepare for and grow from them. I am glad to be part of the ProAmpac team, knowing that the work I do helps ensure the success and livelihood of all the other employees I work with.

Marci's Column - September 2015

We are now entering our busiest time at EDI with the 2015 classes coming to a close, Inclusion Fusion just around the corner, graduation celebrations in November and 2016 recruitment!  It’s an exciting time and we look forward to all of you being a part of it.

Last month, we held our 3rd Annual Hispanic Alumni reunion.  From the photos, you can see that it was a fun time reconnecting with alumni and meeting new faces, too. Special thanks to former State Representative Phyllis Kenney for delivering an inspiring message to our guests and our very own George Alabi (Discovery Class of 2004 & Navigation Class of 2014), for being our MC.

Our annual fundraiser, Inclusion Fusion, is only a week away!!  It’s definitely an event you don’t want to miss.  We have lots of new auction items and activities that we can’t wait to share with you.  From our “secret ingredient” for our chef appetizers, mystery room, wine toss, heads or tails, pot of gold and live auction card draw, it promises to be a fun night.  It’s not too late to register, so click here to join the festivities.

The past few weeks we’ve been actively recruiting for our 2016 programs.  We ask for your help in referring candidates to our program so we can make 2016 our biggest class to date.  Please contact us at if you have anyone that is interested in enrolling in the program. 

Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to our Executive Director Emeritus, Alan Sugiyama.  Hopefully you all read his update in our last newsletter and will join in on the appreciation event being held in his honor this Sunday.  Al has been very supportive and continues to assist EDI in any way that he can.  Thank you, Al and we look forward to celebrating with you on Sunday. 

Alumni on the Move - September 2015

Poe Wongpa   Asian Discovery, Class of 2015

Poe Wongpa

Asian Discovery, Class of 2015

Poe Wongpa was recently promoted to Branch Manager at Key Bank’s Panther Lake location. When his branch manager left Key Bank in March, Poe was hesitant to apply for the position. Though he had four years of experience as a licensed personal banker at Key Bank, Poe’s desire was to enter the investment department as a personal financial advisor.

It wasn’t until Poe began his journey with EDI’s Asian Discovery Program, where he began to question his actions. “I didn’t think applying for the position until the very last minute. Literally last minute because I didn’t see myself as a leader or a professional role model to my peers.” During a session taught by J.D. Hokoyama, Poe had a revelation where he decided to take a risk and apply for the branch manager position. “From J.D., I learned that I shouldn’t be afraid to raise my hand and take the next step. Not only does your production has to speak out, you have to speak out too.”

With an opportunity to scout the competitors at his branch, Poe realized he had nothing to lose because he was the perfect fit. As a perk, he could still keep his investment licenses, but also gain opportunities to learn in a leadership role. So the next day, Poe applied, aced the interview, and acquired the position. During his interview, when asked why he applied, he confidently said, “I’ve been at this branch for the last four years and I know the clients and employees, which is why I’d be a great fit. Plus, I’ll have new opportunities in a leadership role.”

Patrick Bondoc   Asian Discovery, Class of 2015

Patrick Bondoc

Asian Discovery, Class of 2015

Patrick Bondoc was recently promoted to Supply Chain Specialist for Commercial Aviation Services (CAS) – Material Services, supporting Airline Fleet Retrofit at The Boeing Company. Nearing the end of his eight-month journey with EDI, Patrick reflects on his time, “EDI has played an essential role in facilitating introspection into my cultural tendencies and leadership style. Most significantly, I am thankful for the EDI experience, which has given me the confidence to lead in the future.”

Mark Martinez  Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2013

Mark Martinez

Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2013

Mark Martinez was elevated to the Board of Directors and appointed Treasurer of the local non-profit, Birthday Dreams.  Birthday Dreams provides birthday parties for children living in homeless shelters in Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties.  The parties include gifts from the child’s wish list, goodie bags, and of course, cake.

"I had not thought of being on the board of a non-profit until I went through EDI.  The importance of sending the elevator back down is one of the biggest overall take-aways for me.  And every child should be able to be the center of attention in their birthday regardless of their living situation."

Mark would like to invite everyone to the annual Gala and fundraiser on October 10th at the Renton Pavilion Event Center.  This year's theme is 'Hollywood Nights' and tickets include dinner. There will be a live and silent auction, so have a drink and know your bid will go to support a child’s birthday party.