Marvi Matos

Alumni on the Move - October 2015

In an exclusive video interview with co-founder Vanna Novak, EDI alum Kyle Theptee talks about his work in the community and participating in a public speaking competition where he placed as first runner-up. Click on the video below to hear more and leave comments!

Kyle Theptee   Asian Discovery, Class of 2014

Kyle Theptee

Asian Discovery, Class of 2014

Tran Meyers   Asian Discovery, Class of 2014

Tran Meyers

Asian Discovery, Class of 2014

Tran Meyers, Relationship Manager for Wells Fargo's Seattle Regional Commercial Banking Office, recently became Vice President on the Board of the Directors of the non-profit, Team Read. The organization pairs struggling readers with trained teen reading coaches for one-on-one tutoring after school and during the summer. Team Read partners with elementary schools where more than 50% of the students are low income. "My work with Team Read began over 16 years ago when I served as a high school reaching coach for 2nd and 3rd graders in the Seattle School District. In the summer of 2013, I was reintroduced to the Organization at a board fair. I joined the board in the summer of 2014 in hopes of providing its members with a unique perspective from a former reading coach. When the President of the Board resigned, I offered to step into a leadership role. The ED and new Board President agreed that I would be well-suited as Vice President. I have served as Vice President of the Board since April 2015 and will work diligently over the next few years to implement Team Read’s new strategic plan." Settling into her VP role with Team Read, Tran recounts her time with EDI's Asian Discovery Program, "EDI lead me through a process of self-discovery. It helped me to identify my cultural tendencies and understand the steps required to excel in my career – through professional assertiveness, emotional intelligence and community service."

Marvi Matos   Hispanic  Discovery, Class of 2012

Marvi Matos

Hispanic  Discovery, Class of 2012

Dr. Marvi Matos, Director of Chemical Technologies, Metals and Ceramics in Boeing Research and Technology at The Boeing Company, was recently awarded the "2015 Most-Promising Engineer or Scientist-Advanced Degree" award from the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Corporation (HENAAC). HENAAC partners with Great Minds in STEM (GMiS), a non-profit that provides resources for recognition and recruitment of Hispanics in STEM on a national level, connecting multi-areas of engineering and science arenas to the general population. For twenty-seven years, GMiS has recognized the achievements of America’s top engineers and scientists within the Hispanic community during the HENAAC Conference. These STEM leaders, innovators and champions represent the best and brightest minds our nation has to offer. Congratulations, Marvi!

Alumni on the Move - June 2015

Dr. Marvi Matos has been promoted to Director of Chemical Technologies, Metals and Ceramics in Boeing Research and Technology. In her role, Marvi is responsible for the technology portfolio strategy, planning and execution in R&D of materials and processes in the areas of chemicals, metals, ceramics, mechanical parts and systems. She serves an organization of more than 450 people located in five US sites with many global collaborations. 

Marvi is a blogger for Borinqueña, a site within the Ciencia PR website with the mission to inspire young women to pursue careers in STEM. 

She also blogs for the Huffington Post in support to the LGBT community. She currently mentors five women in engineering and two engineering students. Marvi is married with two daughters and her focus is a healthy and balanced life. In her own words,"Embracing diversity is the ability to celebrate natural variability so that every person can live a healthy and productive life."

Marvi Matos    Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2012

Marvi Matos

Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2012

Nácaly   Torres      Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2013

Nácaly Torres

Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2013

After graduating from EDI, Nácaly Torres became the lead of her group of Industrial Engineers, working with Automaton and new technology. Meanwhile, she also continued her MBA and graduated in February 2015.

But recently, Nácaly has been selected as a first-line manager to lead the Boeing Company's Twin Aisle Industrial Engineering Team, supporting several areas such as Body Structures, Interiors, Supply Management, and new automated processes. Reflecting on her new job promotion and success, Nácaly says, "EDI was an important step for my personal and professional career. The program gave me the chance to intentionally think about my goals, leadership skills and cultural challenges, expand my professional network and get involved with our community."

Jeff Tan    Asian Discovery, Class of 2013

Jeff Tan

Asian Discovery, Class of 2013

Jeff Tan has recently been promoted as the Production Engineering Manager at The Boeing Company. In his new assignment, Jeff will be leading a team of Manufacturing Engineers to build the new composite wing panels for the 777X airplanes. For Jeff, the EDI program helped him unleash his leadership potential. With the knowledge and important tools from EDI, Jeff understands how to leverage his cultural and ethnic background on his journey in becoming a great leader. “I valued the discussion sessions with mentors, and appreciated the great networking opportunities during and after the classes. The community project was also fulfilling and greatly beneficial. I encourage future leaders to attend the EDI leadership classes, and contribute to this great organization in the future!”

Art Limon

Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2010

“We recently returned from a very emotional and life changing 3 week trip to Nepal to provide assistance to the victims of the massive earthquake that has left thousands of men, women, and children without adequate food, water, shelter, and medical supplies. I feel so blessed to have been able to assemble a great and very successful team consisting of all volunteers from 9 major corporations. We were able to work side-by-side with other charitable organizations such as the Red Cross and the Peace Corp to deliver food, water, and desperately-needed medicines to thousands of mountain-dwelling villages throughout the region.

We also assisted in rebuilding many of the roads leading to their villages that were wiped out by the earthquake. In addition, since the team I put together consisted of so many volunteer professions such as doctors, nurses, and engineers, I also made it a point to include many tradesmen as well, such as carpenters and electricians, so we were also able to construct hundreds of temporary mini homes for the many whose homes were completely demolished!

Before we left Nepal we were able to restore 11 major roads leading to the most devastated and populated villages and provide people with enough food, water and medications to sustain them for months, and hopefully long enough to get their lives back to where they were prior to this horrific disaster.

As a result of our efforts, my team and I were asked to be part of an advisory panel and speak in Washington D.C. at President Obama’s council on Global Humanitarian outreach programs to discuss lessons learned and how we can be better prepared when another disaster hits anywhere in the world. Currently, I serve on President Obama’s America’s Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Council, which strives to empower all people of color to reach beyond their current aspirations in their current careers in order to become the present and future movers and shakers in all industries of this country!

Although I was very proud of what my team and I had accomplished, I was equally as proud to represent the team as not only their leader, but also as an alumni of EDI, whose training and inspiration always drives him in his endeavors throughout the world and in return, makes it a better place by virtue of all the things that the EDI organization teaches and stands for!"

César Amaral    Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2012

César Amaral

Hispanic Discovery, Class of 2012

Recently in May, César Amaral, launched his solo singing career after leaving a ten year banking career. Though he’s always wanted to pursue music, César realized it was time after experiencing EDI’s cultural program. At EDI, César learned that sometimes life requires a person to go out of their comfort zone. “Leaving stability is very uncomfortable, but it was a calling I had to explore,” says César.

Thinking about his childhood dream to own a musical empire (solo singing career, band, etc.), César took the plunge and established his solo-singing career, fulfilling a life-long dream. But he also wanted to combine it with his love for fitness, “My calling was connecting the stuff I love (music and fitness), and taking it a step further by using it to help people. Combining Mexican culture (music, food, language, etc.) with an exercise program that people can relate to, there’s nothing like it out in the world.” At a later date, César will announce more information about his fitness program, MX180.

Through EDI’s community projects, César was also able to experience the rewards of making a real-time impact in his community. “EDI taught me that we must give back our community through nonprofit work. So through the end of 2015, all of the online sales of my new single, 'Al César Lo Que Es Del César,' will be donated to El Centro de La Raza, specifically to build Plaza Roberto Maestas, a housing community of over 100 apartment units for low-income families.” The single is now available on iTunes and CDbaby. Follow César on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to hear more about his fitness and music ventures.

As César begins his musical journey, he’ll always remember what EDI taught him, “You must follow your dreams to find your true passion.”