On Leung

Alumni on the Move - August 2017

On Leung   Asian Discovery, Class of 2014

On Leung

Asian Discovery, Class of 2014

On Leung has recently moved into a new role as a Product Manager in Event Marketing at Amazon.

Having been with Boeing for nearly six years, I wanted to challenge myself in a completely new way. I learned a lot during my time in the aerospace industry and wanted to apply my skills in the faster paced, more risky tech industry. My new position at Amazon is a product manager position with the Event Marketing team, which owns the technology used in running major events that Amazon hosts for its customers. The no-failure-allowed mentality in the high safety standards of aviation will be a great asset in my new role to ensure the technology used during these events will be both an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Following graduation from EDI, I was accepted into Boeing's Leader Excellence Acceleration Program (LEAP) - a highly selective and intensive three-year leadership development program that broadened my exposure to the vast number of products and services Boeing provides. In addition, I have completed my Project Management Professional (PMP) courses and will be sitting for the exam in the coming months. On a more fun note, I started an Ultimate Frisbee Team (Pegasus Ultimate) and was also able to summit Mt. St. Helens!

I have done quite a handful of networking over the years and have constantly learned and re learned to diversify my network for both inside-and-outside the company I am working for in all kinds of roles. I love to connect people, and the breadth of individuals who hold solutions to many of today's problems are simply waiting to be uncovered.

Leo Ahearn was a program manager at Boeing, who has been a mentor to me since the beginning of my career. We met in a leadership program I was taking where he was the instructor. As we started our mentorship, we identified many values we share, including our Christian faith, our servant leadership style, and strong desires of learning about team building. It has been a tremendous blessing to have Leo walk with me through five job changes and many development opportunities. The consistency of having a mentor with such relatability to my own values has been extremely insightful because I have learned from his mistakes and to take advantage of strategic opportunities to grow my career.

Recently, I've had many of conversations about moving jobs, different companies, and changing industries. I realized, sometimes, we can get caught up in the magnitude of considering a job change. I've always encouraged people who are thinking about a new role or advancement to go apply! You don't need to make a decision until an offer is in hand. Applying will force you to keep your resume up-to-date, understand the value of your skill set in the market, and help you stay sharp when networking and for interviews. It'll allow you to learn more about different company cultures, even ones you may choose to implement in your current position. Ultimately, you may decide to take or decline an offer when you have learned more about the role, team, and company. So if you are thinking about a new challenge, stop hesitating and go apply today!