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A unique leadership program that develops and empowers authentic, effective and intentional leaders. The curriculum is designed to explore the cultural values of Asian & Pacific Islanders and how culture impacts perceptions and behaviors in the workplace. Gain an understanding of how to remain true to yourself and your core values while getting the results that you want.


  • A safe environment to explore perceptions, behaviors, and cultural values

  • Integrated learning over seven months - sessions build upon each other

  • Interactive, fun, and engaging activities to practice and apply leadership concepts

  • Community involvement through team Make A Difference Experiences

  • Extensive networking and mentoring opportunities


Emerging leaders committed to:

  • Unleashing one's leadership potential

  • Exploring cultural values and the impact of culture on leadership effectiveness

  • Attending every session and fully participating and engaging

  • Actively contributing to the team Make a Difference Experience

  • Stretching out of one's comfort zone and being introspective

Candidates must have:

  • At least three (3) years of work experience

  • Management support for tuition of $5,000 (or candidate can self-pay)

  • Management support for time away from work - sessions are held on Thursdays


  • We offer two programs:

    • Puget Sound

    • Portland

  • Sessions are on Thursdays from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM unless otherwise noted and are held at different company locations

  • Kick-off is a mandatory three-day event that includes hotel accommodations.

  • For the Puget Sound program, several of the sessions are separated into Group 1 & Group 2. Please hold both dates on your calendar. Upon acceptance, you will be notified of which Group you will be placed in.


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**If you're experiencing issues with the online application, it may be due to your company firewall. Try accessing the application on another device or using a different network. If you need additional assistance, please contact EDI at edi@ediorg.org.