Do you have diverse insights needed to succeed in global markets? Is your company recruiting and retaining the right talent and are they ready to lead a rapidly evolving U.S. workforce and dynamic global market?

Program Overview:

Leadership Navigation focuses its training on the “hows” of leadership suited for mid to senior-level managers. In this program, you will:

  • Focus on the critical competencies for all executive leaders and drill down to examine the upper management nuances behind each of these competencies.
  • Examine how best to integrate your unique perspectives and cultural insights into an effective and authentic leadership style that contributes to the objectives of your organizations within a safe environment.
  • Receive professional coaching which deepens application, reinforces learning and ensures that participants can receive feedback and coaching on issues most relevant to your career objectives. Sessions include: organizational savvy, public speaking, EQ, leading change, etc.

The program starts with a three-day kick-off session in late February/early March and then commences with full-day sessions at least once a month from March to October at various sponsor company offices in the Greater Puget Sound area. Graduation Ceremony is held in November.



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