Established in 1994, the Executive Development Institute (EDI) is a Pacific Northwest non-profit organization committed to building a community of diverse global leaders. EDI partners with over 50 Northwest corporations to meet the growing imperative for global leaders. EDI provides exclusive Asian and Hispanic leadership development programs which are business relevant. Today, over 1,000 alumni are contributing in leadership positions throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Under the guidance and direction of the Japanese American Chamber of Commerce, EDI was created because Japanese Americans were underrepresented in corporate America’s key leadership positions — positions from which the most critical and influential decisions were made. The program quickly expanded to include all Asian and Pacific Islander communities and in 2009, EDI launched its Hispanic-relevant curriculum.


EDI’s multi-cultural participants excel to higher positions of influence across the public and private sectors.


EDI accelerates the development and advancement of multi-ethnic, dynamic and culturally insightful leaders.

Value Statement

Our programs offer real-time leadership solutions to companies and organizations seeking leaders equipped with cross-cultural insights and business savvy to manage global strategies and to connect with diverse markets. It is the only Pacific Northwest non-profit organization offering ethnically-tailored leadership programs focused on leveraging cultural and diverse attributes of participants to develop their full potential as effective leaders.

Value Proposition to Participants

  • Leadership Growth and Connections: Our programs develop leadership and networking skills that equip participants to perform more effectively in their work and achieve upward mobility at their companies or organizations. They will also broaden their connections to other businesses and extensive EDI community through interaction with mentors, coaches, speakers, peers and alumni.
  • Confidence: They will gain a new awareness and confidence in navigating their career, taking strategic risks, and defining their unique leadership style in the corporate or community setting.
  • Community Engagement: With the important mind-set of giving back, they will experience the rewards of making a real-time impact to worthy causes through teamwork and innovative leadership with community non-profit agencies. EDI alumni often become role models in their communities and contribute actively to enhancing cultural diversity and visionary leadership.

Value Proposition to Corporate Sponsors

  • Leadership: Participants will gain leadership skills applicable to the corporation’s immediate domestic and global business needs.
  • Competitive Edge: Our programs capitalize the value of cultural awareness and diverse attributes as key to entering new markets and understanding global customers.
  • Strategic Relationships: Our programs offer real-time leadership training which enhances the participant’s abilities to develop strategic relations externally with industry partners and customers, and internally with other executives and co-workers.